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Wed Oct 25 09:02:13 UTC 2006

I am sorry to see you in trouble. I would like you to remind people
tend to hesitate to express their reaction for several reasons.
Complexity of problems, feeling as outsiders (in the view of mentioned
issues) and so on. And as SJ pointed out, even if you have received
not so many responces as you would have expected, your postings to
foundation-l hasn't been completely ignored.

On 10/25/06, SJ <2.718281828 at gmail.com> wrote:

> I agree that projects should look more towards cooperation with others
> -- other languages and other types of projects.  You are right that
> lack of cooperation is a problem.

Sure, I would like to add it could happen even if all involved parties
are on a good faith. One can be ethnocentric and still on a good
faith; good faith based on unproper idea can cause disasterous end,
that is a moral of history. And we won't always know what our deeds

> En:wp has a policy as of this year
> not to allow usernames with non-latin character sets. I have no idea
> where that came from, but it is a shame.

It could be forseeable though, my complaint about its cultural
centricism and disrespect for non Western culture that was simply
rejected because they allowed us non Westerners still to edit on that
project, so it was not discriminative. I think I heard similar
statements once somewhere else in documents in the age of colonialism,
and it is for me enough to decide to leave it.

Also, I am very shocked no one didn't alert us about that when we were
going to reject vote eligiblity to the people who were blocked
indefinitely from somewhere else. There were, in fact, people who
shouldn't be treated as such, since their guilty of banning was only
they used their usernames in their own scripts. Fortunately or
unfortunately I haven't seen votes from such people as Election
Official; so now I fear if we Election Officials sent a wrong sign for
those people who had accepted such sanctions and didn't oppose.

On the other hand, English Wikipedians seem not to feel guilty to
block trusted people of Wikimedia project only in the reason they
didn't prefer their usernames. That is a surprise for me and I would
like to say there are fearing SUL would bring them their current
policy to apply all the project.  As past Election Official, I stress
the coming change should encourage "one user, one account" policy - or
the next Election cannot be feasable. Even in this year, hand counting
was a stressful nightmare. And the English Wikipedia policy would be
an obstacle to ensure such a policy unless it will be changed.

I expect English Wikipedians change their mind and become aware
Wikipedia project consists in diversity, and also I expect such kind
of ethnocentrism is only a phenomenon on English Wikipedia and not on
other English projects.

Kizu Naoko
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