[Foundation-l] Wikimedia rankings astonishing

Jeff V. Merkey jmerkey at wolfmountaingroup.com
Thu Oct 26 17:44:03 UTC 2006

Brad Patrick wrote:

>Please take a minute to have a look at this and read the methodology document that accompanies it.
>In any event, this kind of metric, 154M unique visitors in September, demonstrates we are one of the top web sites on the planet.
>/me pats the community on the back!
Definitely more accurate than Alexa ...


>Press Release
>Media Alert: comScore Releases Worldwide Ranking of Top Web Properties
>RESTON, Va., October 26, 2006 – comScore Networks, a leader in
>measuring the digital age, today reported the latest worldwide ranking
>of top Web properties, ranked by unique visitors.  Of note were the
>gains experienced by Wikipedia Sites and Youtube.com during September.
>Both sites were up 12 percent versus August.
>Top Global Web Properties
>Total Unique Visitors (000),age 15+ *
>September 2006
>Total Worldwide - Home and Work Locations
>Source: comScore World Metrix
>Web Properties
>Total Unique Visitors (000) Sept-06
>Worldwide Total (Age 15+) 726,749
>Microsoft Sites 505,479
>Yahoo! Sites 480,641
>Google Sites 467,498
>eBay 237,327
>Time Warner Network 217,843
>Wikipedia Sites 154,848
>Amazon Sites 133,518
>Fox Interactive Media 117,789
>Ask Network 112,768
>Adobe Sites 95,196
>Apple Computer, Inc. 94,909
>Lycos, Inc. 91,126
>CNET Networks 84,259
>YouTube.com 81,019
>Monster Worldwide 60,162
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