[Foundation-l] Report from Frankfurt – October 2006

Tomek "Polimerek" Ganicz polimerek at gmail.com
Thu Oct 26 15:57:47 UTC 2006

oscar wrote:

 > I will spare you all the details and instead give a summarized list 
of the
 > urgent to-do topics agreed upon (mind you, since they imply 
''action'', all
 > these begin with a ''verb''), in alphabetical order:

But the problem is that indeed these details are the things which you 
seem to really discussed. For example if there was a discussion about 
organizational structure of the Foundation, what kind a structure do you 
recommend? If you were discussing about expanding the Board, what was 
your recommendation about it?

 >Did you ever try a complex voting system with wikimedians IRL? I
 > can tell you this is fun, not just the voting, but also, just like 
on-wiki... {etc.)

If you were voting on something what was the results of these votings?
What do you exactly voted?

> Anxious for the further implementation of the hard work we did together, as
> well as for the follow-up so many hope will take place, I am confident that
> the first step of solidifying the "giant's feet of clay" into some more
> sustainable substance was in fact taken properly. Yet it is a first step and
> many more must follow on the same path, which will step by step involve many
> more people than the 21 at Frankfurt last weekend. Our main goals remain
> unchallenged, although the exact wording may vary slightly, so we need your
> help as well throughout the next stages of reorganization and expansion.

Well.. good to hear you still need other people help, but how we can 
help if we don't know what have you exactly decided during this meeting...

 >...all of these were at the end of the meeting "given into the hands 
of >the board",

Does it mean you have produced some sort of document with your 
recommendations to the Board? If yes, I think, this document, even if 
very long, would be much more interesting to read, than all the above 
general, abstract statements wich in fact says nothing...

Tomasz "Polimerek" Ganicz

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