[Foundation-l] Some question about Wikimedia Hong Kong

valdelli at bluemail.ch valdelli at bluemail.ch
Tue Oct 24 19:29:07 UTC 2006

> No becuase logistics issues would kick in
> The languages thing with to deal with the problem of countires 
> say India where it is quite posible that people would not share 
> common language

It is quite possible the opposite position: they will probably 
speak in english (that is the "lingua franca" of India).

> Switerland has German, French, Italian, and Romansh that I know 
of. I
> don't know how bi/trilingual people are in Switzerland.

They speak in english or in german. In Europe you can easily find 
persons who speak three languages without problems.

> While logicists will most require that to the case there are 
> exceptions (any kurdish speaking chapter would probably have to 
> based in northen Iraq although sadly I suspect it will be a long 
> before that becomes an issue).

In any case it's important to be recognized outside your nation 
with a legal value. My question was based in this mean... if the 
Wikimedia Hong Kong is recognized in any country as an association 
with legal value.


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