[Foundation-l] Some question about Wikimedia Hong Kong

Łukasz Garczewski tor at oak.pl
Tue Oct 24 17:17:33 UTC 2006

geni napisał(a):
> On 10/24/06, Delphine Ménard wrote:
>> On 10/24/06, geni wrote:
>>> Trying to set up a firm policy of one chapter per country is a really
>>> bad idea since it gives us the problem of trying to define what a
>>> country is.
>> Hence the reason why we are not trying.
>> One chapter per "jurisdiction" is closer to what we are trying to do.
> Even that doesn't work (see transnistria) and then there is the issue
> that Kaliningrad and Vladivostok are under the same jurisdiction.

I would approach this from a more practical angle, i.e. do we *need* a 
chapter in a given territory?

Hong Kong: Yes, it is/will eventually be China. Go ahead and try to set 
up a non-profit tied to a US-based Foundation in mainland China. :) If 
we can have Honk Kong instead, lets do it.

Poland: WMPL has been set up and is doing fine. We could go for a 
sub-chapter in each voivodship but right now that doesn't make any sense 
(and probably never will ;)).

US: Being the huuuge country that they are, the US might benefit from a 
more local (e.g. state-level) structure than most smaller countries (see 
Poland above).

So, to answer Illario's question about South Tyrol with a question of my 
own: Is South Tyrol within the 'reach' of WMIT? If so, I would be 
inclined to say no to a South Tyrol chapter. If not, however, a new 
chapter (possibly a subdivision of WMIT) would be something to consider.


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