[Foundation-l] Other mailing lists to summarise

Pat Gunn pgunn at dachte.org
Mon Oct 23 21:45:48 UTC 2006

As some of you may have noticed, I, along with a few
volunteers who showed up, now have LSS (List Summary Service)
going for foundation-l in English, French, and Spanish:

Earlier when I announced it, I said I'd like to wait to get
used to the workload before I took on any other lists. I'm
pretty comfortable with the pace at this point, and would
be willing to take on another list with roughly the same
volume -- if anyone can suggest another list important to
the community that's not too much bigger, I'll start on
it. If anyone has ideas on how to get more eyes on the
list summaries, feel free to put them into practice.

I can't speak for the volunteers willingness to take on
more translation, but I suspect that foundation-l is the
most important list, for community relations, to translate
anyhow (and that translated versions are actually more important
than the English edition because they improve trust between the
other-language communities and the English-dominated foundation
folk). The people who stepped up so far are, from the Spanish
Wikipedia, FAR and Cinabrium, and from the French Wikipedia,
(:Julien:) and Teofilo (with a few smaller edits from other folk).

Pat Gunn
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