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Aphaia aphaia at gmail.com
Sun Oct 22 04:57:16 UTC 2006

Hello Effe,

On 10/19/06, effe iets anders <effeietsanders at gmail.com> wrote:
> Do you mean technically use it or more as in policy? Technically it is
> quite easy, you go to the wiki where you want to import, go to the
> page Special:Import, and you do some selections and click on import.
> Maybe you have to use Special:ExpandTemplates to bring over the
> templates looking all right.

Thank you for instruction! I'll try later. Or other guys.

As for content, I appreciate you to bring it up. We need to discuss
what it publishes and not closely. Perhaps here or on meta.

I understand it is in responsible of Promocom (Elian & Akl) and
officers in some cases. We Transcom are in responsible of its
translation after the content is determined. As community vote for
deletion, a sysop per se isn't a person who determines what survive.
Generally I love to join discussion, not to use granted right only in
my discretion unless it's aparently of bureaucracy and waste of time.

Kizu Naoko
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