[Foundation-l] www.wikitheque.fr (.org, .com)

David Monniaux David.Monniaux at free.fr
Fri Oct 20 07:12:02 UTC 2006

Wikimédia France has installed a portal at www.wikitheque.fr (and had
obtained .com and .org in order to prevent squatting).

This portal provides task-oriented directions for finding images and
text content on Commons and Wikisource, with the help of Wikipedia (we
may in the future extend this to friendly third-party sites with libre

Examples of tasks include: I'm looking for a photograph of an animal,
where do I look? I only know the French common name of that species,
what do I do?

The idea is to address the needs of e.g. teachers and schoolchildren
with step-by-step instructions.

This portal is now not much developed, but we aim to make it bigger.

In order to preemptively address a few obvious questions:
* This portal will not provide content; content will all be on other
sites (Commons, Wikisource etc.).
* This portal is not editable as a wiki because there would be
difficulties with that:
** The wiki interface may scare "normal" people - too many buttons.
** We cannot afford vandalism on a portal for welcoming e.g. schoolchildren.
** We might use a "closed" wiki but it's a heavier solution than the
current one.

-- DM

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