[Foundation-l] Closing inactive Wikinewses

magiske prosesser magipro at organizer.net
Tue Oct 17 17:34:54 UTC 2006

On Tue, 17 Oct 2006 09:30:59 -0600
  Robert Scott Horning <robert_horning at netzero.net> wrote:
> I'm still not exactly sure what the threshold ought to 
>be in terms of 
> time to declare a Wikinews language edition "inactive", 
>but the main 
> goal ought to be to give the community who speaks that 
>language the 
> benefit of the doubt.  In addition, I would strongly 
>recommend that if a 
> Wikinews language edition is to be closed down, then the 
>related "sister 
> projects" of the same langauge ought to have a 
>notification put in the 
> Village Pump pages (even if in English... with an appeal 
> translation) that "their" language edition of Wikinews 
>is being shut 
> down due to inactivity.  Perhaps also a notification of 
>any related 
> mailing list that is specific to that language, if it is 
>listed as an 
> "official" Wikimedia mailing list.  I know that this 
>seems like a lot of 
> work, but the point here is to try and give a final 
>effort to simply let 
> speakers of that language know that Wikinews is even 
>something that they 
> could participate with.  
> We might be surprised and get a few people to turn out 
>without having to 
> shut the project down in the first place.

On my local Wikipedia (the no: Norwegian) I have 
previously on a couple of occasions raised issues 
regarding local sister projects only to be told in no 
uncertain terms that "this is Wikipedia. Matters relating 
to sister projects should be discussed at meta." Of 
course, that's not very helpful as very few local 
contributors read meta. Seeing as this reveals a void when 
it comes to adequate forums for local Wikimedia projects 
coordination, I think an effort, perhaps from these parts 
of the woods, to assist local chapters in finding 
constructive solutions to this problem might be valuable. 
Maybe a suggestion from "someone on high" to allow for the 
creation of local inter-project village punp solutions 
would spark more involvement in these projects.

Halvor  (User:meco)

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