[Foundation-l] Wikimedia Domains

Łukasz Garczewski tor at oak.pl
Sun Oct 15 21:09:25 UTC 2006

the wub napisał(a):
> Well I was going to point to some of the meta pages on domain names - but
> they've been moved to the Wikimedia internal wiki where most people can't
> see them. Any particular reason for this?

Yup. Here it is:

This list is public. The meta wiki is public. So squatters can read it 
both. Therefore please, please, please refrain from discussing domain 
issues here and never ever mention any domain that we might want but do 
not currently control.

If you wish to discuss some domain-related matter, contact Delphine. If 
you wish to buy a domain to save it from squatters, please do so and let 
Delphine know.

Thank you.


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