[Foundation-l] Ensuring veracity of articles based on print sources

Jonathan Leybovich jleybov at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 10 05:32:35 UTC 2006

Birgitte SB wrote:
> --- Jonathan Leybovich <jleybov at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>Yes, a blind-vote citation-checking system in which
>>aggregate results 
>>are captured.
>>I think it might also be useful to use the results
>>of citation-checking 
>>as a feed into some sort of trust ecology. 
>>Fact-checking is mostly 
>>tedious, unrewarding work, and so the users who have
>>shown themselves to 
>>be competent and reliable at it are probably going
>>to be trustworthy or 
>>at least good-faith in other areas as well.  This
>>would of course not be 
>>the only input to a user's "trust rating", but
>>probably one of the more 
>>significant ones.
> I think this is an absolutely brilliant idea!  
> Birgitte SB

Thank you :)  A lot of the work required for such a system I've already 
done while beginning to implement my proposal for a central 
bibliographic database- [[m:Wikicat]]- and it could just as well be 
adopted to your more efficient source/book-driven fact checking regimen. 
  If some sort of hosting/demo testbed were provided (*ahem*) it would 
not take me that long to whip up a basic demo.

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