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Hi Hsiang-Tai

Hsiang-Tai Chien wrote:
> Hi Anthere, sorry for the late reply since I have some daily job need to be
> done. Please see my reply as HT> below.

I am also quite late. Apologies

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> I'd like to say thank you to Hsiang-Tai Chien for his civility and that I
> hope we'll do a fabulous Wikimania 2007 in Taipei.
> One of the specific request I will have (which is basically the same that
> the one of the past two years) is that we try to find funds to help
> wikipedians to come from all over the world. We need to start looking for
> such funds as soon as possible. And make this event a bridge between
> continents.
> HT> Thanks, and personally I will join the discussion and the organization
> for Wikimania 2007 in the mail lists and also in the Taipei team more
> actively. For the fund issue we are discussing with the sponsors now. And we
> will need to co-work with the Foundation on this issue.

We received ROC email and I'll answer it as well.
I answer here since the previous mail was on Foundation, but add in copy
I suggest further discussions be held on wikimania-l

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> I'd like to ask HT if all the chinese wikimania core team could join the 
> wikimania mailing list, even though it may be that some of you discuss 
> issues in chinese only. It is important (imho) that at least some non 
> chinese be involved in the organisation, as it will greatly enrich the 
> process.
> HT> Some of members in the Taipei team already joined the Wikimania-l and
> Wikimedia-l mailing lists. For example, you can see Theodoranian (as THD),
> ROC and myself in this mailing list, and we also joined Wikimania-l since
> the bidding result is out. And we will ask more members to join the
> Wikimania-l for discussion. We welcome any non Chinese people to join us and
> we would be very open for opinions and ideas because Wikimania 2007 is not
> just a event for Taipei, it's a event for all Wikipedians over the world. We
> understand that the bidding result might let some people down but we still
> welcome them to provide ideas to us for this event sincerely.
> HT> Also we are now trying to create a wiki server in Taipei so people from
> other regions can know the status for the organization process immediately.
> The domain address for the server is now been registered and the server
> should be online soon. Once it's online I will send the notice to
> Wikimania-l.
> Also, I would like that all core organisers provide a little bit more 
> information about them, and that the role of each be defined as much as 
> possible. This will help identify areas where help is missing. And this 
> will help us identify who the Foundation should be in touch with for 
> various issues (for example, the Foundation (Michael) MUST be in contact 
> with the budget person).
> Ant
> HT> Yes, I will provide a rough member list now:
> Project manager: Theodoranian (wp:zh:User:Theodoranian)
> PR and Sponsorship: KJ (wp:zh:User:KaurJmeb) and Francis Huang (member from
> Sinica Taiwan)
> Contact people: Hsiang-Tai (wp:en:User:Htchien) and ROC (wp:zh:User:Roc)
> Website: Alex S. H. (wp:zh:User:Alexsh), Little BTC (wp:zh:User:Littlebtc)
> and GLWu
> China affairs: Mingwangx (wp:zh:User:Mingwangx) and Chiao-Ching (member from
> the sponsor)
> Agenda: Theodoranian, Tsu-Chiang Liou (member from Sinica Taiwan) and KJ

I would like to suggest that at least one of you be added in the
communication committee, as this might reveal very helpful.

Also, I suggest you get Aphaia and the transcom involved for all
translations issues.

I presume help on the programm is a subject which should be raised on
On the board, you are likely to receive help from Erik, since he was
involved in the past in Wikimania programs.
As a serious hand, I also recommand Phoebe if she is interested ;-)

Please coordinate sponsorship consideration with Danny Wool. We need to
find early in time sponsors to ensure help for many editors to go
participate even if they live far away.

You may wish to consider well ahead of time considerations of
registration (you need a registration manager)

Also not listed above is technical manager, for audio, video,
translations if needed etc...

And logistic...

I'll add (out of experience of this year) that you need a manager for
the hacking days. And I'll suggest that this one either is one of
developers, or someone in direct contact with them, so as to create the
hacking days they need and want. This is very important.

> For financial and administrative person, we are still looking for some ideal
> people.

It may be best that this person is under contract for responsability

> And we need the contact people in the Foundation so we can discuss and
> co-work with WMF. Please advise whom we can contact with.

I asked the board this question over a week ago. As of today, I am still
waiting for an answer from them...

> Thanks and best regards,
> H.T.
thanks HT


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