[Foundation-l] Re: List Summary Service

Pat Gunn pgunn at dachte.org
Mon Oct 2 16:27:12 UTC 2006

David Gerard wrote:
>I should mention also: it's an ongoing issue on the Foundation
>committee lists to get someone willing to summarise them. How much
>work was this for you?

It was, admittedly, a lot of work, but that was at least partly
because I summarised an entire month over the course of a few days.
If I do it weekly, it should be a lot less work, and I'm also
going to experiment with ways to optimise the workflow. I can
probably take on another list or two if they're lower volume than
foundation-l, or possibly one more list if it's higher volume but
not insanely so. Anything more, and I'll have to cut back on
my efforts to learn OTRS and ramp up my involvement there and some
other projects. If there's a list (or two, depending on size) that
are particularly worth it, point me at their html archives (providing
credentials as needed), and I'll add them to the queue. I should
reiterate that I'd be interested to talk with people who would
be up for translating the summary. If we get a few more people
willing to do this kind of thing, we could swap off weekly on
the larger lists..

Pat Gunn
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