[Foundation-l] Taipei chosen to host Wikimania 2007

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Mon Oct 2 09:59:47 UTC 2006

I reply as the previous year... it depends. 

How many persons must make a long journey? How many persons are 

I said that the previous year about the choose of Boston: how many 
participants has had Wikimania 2006?

To partecipate is important but not mandatory.


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On 10/2/06, valdelli at bluemail.ch <valdelli at bluemail.ch> wrote:
> To go in Taipei or in Boston or in Sidney is very expensive for 
> wikipedian, and most of all wikipedians are students with a 
> bit of money.

"For a Wikipedian"? I presume you meant to say "for a Wikipedian 
Europe". There are plenty of contributors in other parts of the 
including an emergent community across Asia for whom Taipei is a
highly accessible location.

It's expensive both ways to travel long distances, remember, so
choosing location based on population is a surefire way to 
that huge numbers of Wikimedians will never attend a Wikimania.

Stephen Bain
stephen.bain at gmail.com

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