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This is not a problem. The existing pgkbot IRC monitoring framework already
allows each bot to report to multiple channels simultaneously, so a bot
could report to its "home" channel, as well as to a centralized channel, if
needs warrant. This data is already being broadcast on Wikimedia's IRC
server, so there isn't anything to modify server-side. All that you need is
poke a few users on IRC to change their bots' settings.


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> In any case, I think this is interesting at a global
> level because the
> Wiki's at greatest risk of collecting garbage are
> often the ones with
> the least activity.
> After seeing that one of the Wikipedias had its main
> page changed to
> say "Welcome to the Runescape trading forum", I
> wondered if it would
> be useful to setup a bot to check recent changes on
> all the smaller
> wikis for insertions of English text. .. With the
> hope that the worst
> of the junk on small wikis would be in inappropriate
> languages.
> It would be really nice if we had a single
> recentchanges page that
> aggregated all the low activity wikis.

I think this is a great idea.  Is it possible to set
up several RC bots (in different wiki's) to work in a
single RC channel?  If this could be done with the
bots displaying a snippet of any added text, it should
be easy to recognize any english which does not

Birgitte SB

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