[Foundation-l] Fundraising season launch

Andrew Gray shimgray at gmail.com
Tue Oct 10 18:08:37 UTC 2006

On 09/10/06, Anthere <Anthere9 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> As an individual (not board member), I would like to ask if it were
> possible that the spin around the fundraising, focuses a bit on the
> other projects, perhaps the notion of virtual library, with the
> wikicommons and wikisource. We have the recent report of the german
> digitization to show up as an example as how we could push things
> forward in realm of digital libraries.

It's like those charity mailshots you get. "Whilst a new database
server costs ten thousand dollars, a donation of just five dollars
will allow us to do ----" ;-)

I agree that bringing up examples of smaller-scale projects is a good
idea - if nothing else it'll help publicise them.

- Andrew Gray
  andrew.gray at dunelm.org.uk

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