[Foundation-l] Meta:MetaProject to Overhaul Meta

Anthere anthere9 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 29 21:45:20 UTC 2006

Erik Moeller wrote:
> On 3/29/06, Anthere <anthere9 at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>I am not on the communication committee. I do not have access to the
>>communication committee mailing list.
> What exactly do you mean by "You do not have access"? Is it a matter
> of Foundation policy that Board members are explicitly excluded from
> reviewing the interactions of  committees they aren't part of? That
> would seem very strange and unnecessary to me. Or are you saying you
> simply did not ask a developer or list moderator for access, because
> you don't have time to deal with this additional volume of
> information? Just trying to understand what exactly the current
> situation is.
> Erik

The list is private. It has a restricted list of members. Those who are 
on the committee. This is logical (and good).

I am not on that committee, so do not have access to the emails (which 
again, is logical). However, when there is a discussion, if one of the 
person in the discussion is not put in the cc, that person misses part 
of the discussion.

Non members emails are naturally moderated. So, we do not know when our 
emails are read.

A good idea would be that at least board members emails (as well as some 
other people) be automatically approved.

As I said...growing pains ;-)


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