[Foundation-l] Fate of "Simple English"

Robert Scott Horning robert_horning at netzero.net
Fri Feb 24 18:07:33 UTC 2006

Alison Wheeler wrote:

>I've often thought that the 'simple English' was the right product aimed
>at the wrong market.
>Instead of targetting it at people how have English as a second language
>(who, quite rightly, want to learn English "properly"; long words and all)
>why not consider it as targetted at that other group who *need* simple
>English ...
>Simple English is, I would have thought, perfect for pre-schoolers and
>under-12s generally as it sets out to explain concepts in simpler language
>and as that means a reduced vocabulary then let us target it at those who
>already daily use that reduced vocabulary.
This, in theory, is what Wikijunior currently covers.  Wikijunior is 
currently a bunch of Wikiprojects that are organized in a format like a 
Wikibook, but include largely a bunch of encyclopedia-like articles. 
 The editorial policies for Wikijunior strongly encourage simplification 
for our target audience (currently 8-12 year olds in most Wikijunior 

I don't know to what degree the current group of Simple English 
participants are also involved in Wikijunior, but my sense of things is 
that they are two very different groups of editor/contributors.  Still, 
it is an interesting thought that perhaps some collaboration between the 
two groups of editors ought to take place and could be beneficial to 
both of them.

Wikijunior is also multi-lingual, with the French Wikijunior having been 
just started, and some very interesting content on the Chinese 
Wikijunior project.  I have not seen any efforts to go multi-lingual 
among the Simple English group (aka Simple Spanish or Simple French).

Robert Scott Horning

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