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Anthere anthere9 at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 14 15:07:23 UTC 2006

Hello everyone,

As Delphine told you a few days ago, my baby boy born
nearly 7 days ago. His name is Thomas Gabriel Luc.

I was told he would be a big fat boy, but nope !
He born 3,4 kg (plain average weight) and just hit
back the 3 kilos, so I am finally home !

He is quite naturally the prettiest one (though, let's face
it, he's got some white pimples on the face...), and
looks very much like myself (two eyes, one nose, one
mouth and a double chin). Actually, he looks very much
like his older brother, so I keep calling him William

We are both fine now. The most powerful lesson of my
third child birth would be :

"do not pick up the fruit when it is not ripe yet".

After more than 2 weeks going three times per week to
the hospital for full check up due to preeclampsia
disorder, the docs decided to chemically induce the birth.
2 days in a row, they applied a cervical prostaglandin
gel, which caused very very very frequent contractions.
A more natural way of doing this is referred to as the "italian 
technique" (the male sperm does contain this prostaglandin, so having 
love moments with partner is often recommanded to gently induce child 
birth... Right, I mention this only because it is Valentine's day :-))

In my case, no such delicacy. I had the dubious pleasure to spend two
full days in the childbirth area (not exactly 4 stars
hotel), with basically no food, screaming women all day and night long,
electronic gear on chest, arms, hands and tummy.
I *hated* it.
And hated even more when after two days, nothing was
occuring but painful very frequent contractions.

At that point, I was so tired they gave me something
to actually *slow down* contractions so I could rest a
bit! And decided to rupture the amniotic sac, telling
me I had 12 hours in front of me before the c-section
if nothing was happening.

It may have scared my body badly... in hardly more than 60
mn, I went through the 10 cm dilation, the expulsion
of the child and finally placenta. It was quite
explosive :-)

For the wikicommons addicts, no pictures of the
delivery itself were taken :-) Even if we had wanted
to, there would have been no time to do it. So, no bloody pictures of 
delivery will be uploaded ;-) sorry...

I put a few pictures on yahoo to share with family and

So, everything is fine :-)
I do have hundred of emails pending, not counting RC to check and 
mailing lists to go through. And odd sleeping patterns right now. So, 
I'll go slowly through all pending issues. If there is something urgent, 
please notify it to me specifically.

Also, thank you for all the congrats left on my user talk pages, ml and 
private emails.



PS : Did I mention I was happy ? I am :-)

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