[Foundation-l] Re: Copyright complaints

sannse sannse at tiscali.co.uk
Mon Feb 13 19:04:36 UTC 2006

Michael Snow wrote:
> Dealing with fair use images is slightly different from normal copyright 
> problems, I would think. Since the fairness depends on the type of use, 
> it ought to be sorted out where the image is being used. If there's an 
> inappropriate claim of fair use somewhere, remove the image from the 
> article (or user page, as the case may be). Acting unilaterally in that 
> regard is just being bold, doesn't require adminship, and is not 
> something to punish unless you have an edit war about it.
> If the removal of the image holds, then the rest is really quite simple. 
> Once the image is an orphan, there is no longer any basis for a fair use 
> claim, and it can be deleted using the normal processes. No need to 
> punish anyone for unilateral action.
> --Michael Snow

I guess you haven't seen the recent flaps and fracas over fair-use 
images on user pages.  Removing them is highly likely to cause an edit 
war, with a lot of people under the firm impression that "fair use" 
means "I can use it because it's pretty".

The sides are sharply divided and are not likely to come to any happy 
resolution any time soon - unless there is a clear statement from 
someone appropriate as to what we should do in such cases.

If one of the legal team could say specifically "fair use images are 
fine on personal user pages" or "fair use images must be removed from 
personal user pages" then maybe the argument will be over and all the 
drama will stop.


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