[Foundation-l] Re: Copyright complaints

Gianluigi Gamba gigamb at tin.it
Mon Feb 13 17:54:17 UTC 2006

> Fortunately, more and more language versions are banning fair use (de,
> pl, da and others).

The current policy on it.wikipedia is to allow the fair use just for few 
specific cases

* coat of arms, flags, seals, etc. of administrative entities, political 
authorities and institutions
* coins, banknotes, stamps
* company logos and trademarks
* software screenshots

the question whether to allow or not a broader usage of the fair use has 
been raised recently at the local Village Pump, but the major part of the 
community expressed the opinion to keep the current restrictions.

My two cents,
Bye all.
G. (aka Paginazero)

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