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Walter Vermeir walter at wikizine.org
Sun Feb 12 10:22:33 UTC 2006

Erik Moeller schreef:
> Thoughts, comments, objections? Ideally, the conversion could be done
> automatically, but a soft policy might do the trick for now.
> Thanks,
> Erik

Not a good idea. Yes, Ogg Vorbis and Ogg Theora are not out of the box
supported by Windows. So what? The only need to install the codec

http://www.illiminable.com/ogg/ and the can play Theora and Vorbis whit
there Windows Media Player.

The problem seems to me not the format but the way the video in included
in the article. Just look at it.;


How can the know what to do with that?

1) it is a link to the description page, not the file, confusing to the
2) the sentence says it is video, the hyperlink says it is a image
3) there is now explanation that the video is in Ogg Theora and how you
can make it work

The problem is not Ogg Theora but how it is used.

On the Dutch Wikipedia this template is used for Ogg Theora files;


(the last one)

1) icon to indicate it is video
2) direct link to the file
3) question mark hyperlink to help page
4) + to the discription page

The use of Ogg vorbis/Theora makes it more difficult for visitors to
access the stuff. But it is not more difficult the users who need to
install RealPlayer or Quicktime on there new computer.

Also because Wikipedia is becoming so big and because we are using Ogg
Vorbis and Theora Wikipedia is making them more main stream.


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