[Foundation-l] Fundraising idea

Daniel Mayer maveric149 at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 11 15:12:25 UTC 2006

--- Clemens <milliondollarartwork at googlemail.com>
> A few days ago I saw the Million Dollar Homepage conceived
> by Alex Tew. His website generated a gross income of
> $1,037,100 USD by selling image-based links for one dollar per pixel.
> So I launched the www.milliondollarartwork.com to help raise some
> money for wikimedia. I really appreciate some feedback.

Neato! However, as Erik explains, advertising is a sticky issue in the Wikimedia community. I'm
sure some people would go ballistic if they saw http://euromillonpixel.com/ as part of a Wikimedia

So while I personally love the idea, I'm not sure if it is workable without causing a great deal
of rancor in the community. I'm also not certain of the legal ramifications of selling advertising
space (which this clearly is) in regards to our non-profit status. 

That said, this type of thing *is* something to keep in mind as the finance committee explores
fundraising options though. We could, for example, automatically give donors who donate over a set
amount pixels based on the amount they donate. This would not be for advertising, but would be
more akin to having your name and a short message on bricks that are used to build a new building.
Doing that would be an in-house thing though.  

-- mav

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