[Juriwiki-l] Re: [Foundation-l] Copyright complaints

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Fri Feb 10 00:17:29 UTC 2006

Gerard Meijssen wrote:

> Hoi Brad,
> I appreciate that everything that gets uploaded is not by virtue of it 
> being uploaded to a wikimedia project GFDL licensed material. Now the 
> crux to me is that when it is not, it is in essence in violation of 
> the terms of the GFDL license. If this is correct, the consequence 
> would be that material that is not available under the GFDL should not 
> be included in a WMF project. Am I correct on this one ?
> One other question, why do you single out the en.wp to take action on 
> copyvio? What is it that makes this project special ? Would this 
> advise not be as appropriate for any project and any language ?

If material is already in the public domain it is not subject to GFDL 
because it does not need to be licensed.  This seems to suggest that yo 
would prevent inclusion of public domain material.

en-wp is probably singled out because of its high traffic.  Copyright 
issues affect all projects in varying degrees.  Wiktionary, however, 
does not have much to do with image copyrights because very few images 
are uploaded in the first place. 


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