[Foundation-l] Copyright complaints

Kim Bruning kim at bruning.xs4all.nl
Thu Feb 9 17:39:05 UTC 2006

On Thu, Feb 09, 2006 at 11:48:12AM -0500, Patrick, Brad wrote:
> You would be mistaken to conclude that the Foundation does not regard
> copyvio as significant.  Rather, your choice of venue for discussion,
> i.e., Foundation-L, is not the most productive.  Juriwiki-L is the place
> where hot copyvio action may be found more readily.

I see! Let's see if I can join that.

> Please contact me offline to discuss particulars.

Would that be merely off-list, or rather per telephone? (The latter is an
international charge for me)

I'm currently looking for public (aggregate) data on the magnitude of the
problem, or if there even actually is one.  

	Kim Bruning

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