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Tim 'avatar' Bartel wikipedia at computerkultur.org
Tue Feb 7 21:33:33 UTC 2006

Hi wikipedians,

Michael Bimmler schrieb am 07.02.2006 21:03:
> I just did a Whois for wikimedia.eu and I got "Firestorm Forces Ltd"
> as applicant.
> Are they somehow connected to "us"?

No, they are the bad guys.
Firestorm Forces Ltd = Infochannel Group

Please read
(german only)

Bye, Tim.

But we made our own fun, mostly. I recall a time, many years later, when
American children seemed unable to amuse themselves without a fortune in
electrical and electronic equipment.
We had no fancy equipment and did not miss it.       -- Heinlein, Friday
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