[Foundation-l] Re: communications committee

Elisabeth Bauer elian at djini.de
Mon Feb 6 16:24:04 UTC 2006

Anthere schrieb:
> Hi All
> Thanks for the update Elian :-)
> Just one comment and one question.
> The comment : this committee will consist of these members only after
> approval by the board. It has not yet been approved.

I know.

> A question : why are all members only people living in english-speaking
> countries ?

Most other major languages have press teams who do pretty good work.
English had no formal team yet while it needs it most. Also, most of the
international press work has to be done in english. Third, if I invited
all the non-english people who'd merit it, we would end up with a really
large committee and have still not all languages represented equally. I
think for the sake of efficiency it's better to start small. These were
my reasons for focussing on having people from english speaking
countries on the committee.

This shouldn't mean that others are excluded. One first task of the
communication committee will be to invite all members of the local press
teams to the subcommittee press where probably most actions take place.
By having this subcommittee, we can integrate all languages equally.

So far my concept for the committee. If you favour a different approach,
I'm open for suggestions.


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