[Foundation-l] Re: communications committee

Daniel Mayer maveric149 at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 5 23:54:02 UTC 2006

--- Erik Moeller <erik_moeller at gmx.de> wrote:
> Let's say that the finance committee has a subcommittee on fundraising 
> strategies (this might well be located elsewhere, but humor me). Such a 
> subcommittee would have to come up with innovative strategies -- social, 
> technical -- to maximize the return from our next fundraising drive. 
> Having a dedicated subcommittee for this purpose can help to make sure 
> that people stay on the ball, have regular meetings, publish their 
> progress, and so forth. It's also exactly an area where we want to be 
> fairly open about participation.

Not sure that fundraising is the best example since almost everything it does, even the draft
stuff, will be on meta. Thus hardly anybody involved in that subcommittee would not need access to
either the internal list or wiki. 

> Hence my distinction between core committees and subcommittees. Core 
> committee members should have complete access to all confidential 
> information on the internal wiki and internal-l. Subcommittee members 
> could have their own private communications channels or, as we agreed, 
> ideally have separate spaces on the internal wiki without having access 
> to everything else there.

I'm not sure a distinction between a core committee and other committee members makes much sense
in practice. Accounting and budgeting, for example, will be subcommittees to the finance
committee. All members of those two subcommittees will need access to InternalWiki since that is
where draft reports and budgets will be created. Yet almost everybody in the fundraising
subcommittee need only have access to meta.  

Access to the internal wiki and list would be controlled by the board. Being a member of any
committee or subcommittee would not automatically give them access to those things. That can be
needs based. But a prerequisite to be considered for having that access should be committee
membership, an affirmative super-majority vote by the committee for each candidate, and then
ratification by the board.
-- mav

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