[Foundation-l] Bigger Board, open Foundation membership

Dariusz Siedlecki datrio at gmail.com
Sun Feb 5 23:32:21 UTC 2006

I wanted to raise these two issues during the meeting, but I saw the
agenda was already pretty full, so I want to propose this here.

We want to have committee members, but we don't even have members of
the Wikimedia Foundation. Wikimedia Poland has a secretary (that's me)
who takes note of every member in our association. I keep track of
everyone - people who are on the Board, who can give interviews, etc.
You could say we're pretty bureaucratic with that, but we're still
trying to stay transparent and open - I think we're doing a good job.

But back to the topic. I know Angela's busy already, so I have two
propositions - a bigger Board (currently proposed as an executive
community) and open Foundation membership.

I'm really, REALLY sorry to propose it, but we need to divide the
current Foundation in two halfs - a community one, and an
organizational one - one that will be part of the community and will
do everything possible to help the projects, and another one which'll
work on the promotion and distribution of our projects

I think this was the idea behind the communities. I support them, but
like I said - without Foundation members, it's hard to have community
members and manage them.

Basicly, that's all I wanted to say during the meeting. A bigger Board
of 7 or maybe even 9 people would be the best. An open membership for
anyone interested (under a small membership fee, I presume) would also
be a good start.

What's YOUR opinion on this?

Dariusz Siedlecki

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