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Fri Dec 29 07:59:27 UTC 2006

On 12/29/06, Michael Bimmler <mbimmler at gmail.com> wrote:
> Okay. And sure you know how to get in contact with the whole
> community?

So a report from a certain portion might be useful ;) I would like to
introduce another view we find on the community, I mean, a community
of a certain language speakers as a part of the whole Wikipedia
community; Japanese editors.

I have seen no complaint, no grudges anywhere as far as I know - on
Village pump, mailinglist   and some external usergroups. (I haven't
access irc recently, but perhaps there was no reaction). Some was
impressed by the generocity of Virgin and it is perhaps an exceptional
reaction; It is obvious most of editors on the Japanese projects
simply did not care for it. They have been fascinated in their daily
concerns instead - editwar, disputes, votes and of course, editing

What we as editors' community pursue here and now on the project is
both sustainability and neutrality in my opinion, and I cannot think
one time donation and one time expression of gratitude hurt the
neutrality.  If we were asked to make a favor to donors on our
content, it were a serious damage, but here and now I haven't seen
such threatening.

KIZU Naoko
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