[Foundation-l] Beyond "ad" or "not ad"

Titoxd@Wikimedia titoxd.wikimedia at gmail.com
Thu Dec 28 20:00:00 UTC 2006

Ok, so there are several issues in this thread that need to be considered:


1) The Wikimedia Foundation needs cash. We all know that. So, we, as a
community, should think of ways to get more donations coming in. "Matching
funds" are tools frequently used in the United States because they have
proven that they are effective.


2) There was a need to say that Virgin Unite was matching donations over the
day. The potential donor stumbling onto one of our pages from a Google
search needs to know that if he donated today, the effects of his dollar
would "go farther" in a way. Besides, the name also influences the portion
of the population that wants to "stick it" to a business to donate, at least
to cause some perceived monetary damage to Virgin.


3) It can be considered common courtesy to indicate that Virgin was donating
funds. That said, having a logo prominently displayed is a question that has
its merits, and it should be discussed for future fundraisers.


4) This shows a need for greater community consultation by the Board;
however, the Board cannot be all places at all times, so it would be nice to
think of ways of getting more "rank and file" users to participate in
foundation-level decisions. How can Wikimedia accomplish that?



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