[Foundation-l] "By electing some of the Board members, who are really few"...

Teun Spaans teun.spaans at gmail.com
Thu Dec 28 19:07:46 UTC 2006

> I think there's a problem in the way the Foundation is organized: we
> are *big*, and we should start to think bigger.
> What does this means? For example, more voice to local chapters,
> intended as an intermidiate organism between Foundation and local
> communities...

The way the wikimedia is structured might indeed be a point of attention.
There has always been an sensitive area in this: wikipedians should not feel
inhibited or controlled in what they write. NPOV should be guaranteed. Free
(both ways) access for visitors and contributors should also be guaranteed.
On the other hand, wikipedians should be able to influence the board.

Perhaps indeed a system of local chapters could represent the local
wikipedians (and wikibooks, and dictionarists, and so on).
Perhaps a system of village pumps could be brought to work, though the
language.wikimedia.org sites are visited very infrequently.


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