[Foundation-l] This is not an Advertisement

Dedalus dedalus at wikipedia.be
Thu Dec 28 18:46:09 UTC 2006

Tomorrow the Virgin Unite will not longer be present as a sitenotice. Today
jeroen and others complained about that sitenotice. In his words the
community would have been split. The current fundraiser raises today an
additional several 100k US dollar, so that is gain one. Concerning the Dutch
Wikipedia, today over 250 persons registered a username. So the Dutch
Wikipedia today gains that many new users and maybe loose temporarily (I
doubt definitely) one or two well known users.

Somebody else mentioned the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It's in the
press they would like to raise the level of primary and secondary education
in the US. Wikiversity and or Wikibooks might be helpful in raising the
level of education there and elsewhere. Suppose the Bill and Melinda Gates
Foundation would like to grant some money to WMF on the condition that it
would be for specific projects, e.g. Wikibooks or Wikiversity, would that
raise any objections by anyone?

In short, I believe Brad Patrick and his team are doing a perfect job to
keep the WMF and the websites up and running.


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