[Foundation-l] Throwing some data onto the flamefest fire (was: English Wikipedia ethnocentric policy affects other communities)

Walter van Kalken walter at vankalken.net
Sat Dec 23 23:05:23 UTC 2006

Gregory Maxwell wrote:

>On 12/23/06, Walter van Kalken <walter at vankalken.net> wrote:
>>How about starting to unblock the unjustly blocked ones. That would be a
>>great gesture.
>I invited you to identify them..  :)
I believe Birgitte has done that ;) In one of the earlier emails in one 
of the threads someone identified some of my "weak points" like 
childishness and so on ;) I added some to that like rude and stubborn.

I will add one more weak point of myself. I can be extremely lazy if I 
do not believe in something anymore or are not motivated for something 
anymore :)

Also I do not spend any more time on any of the wiki's, if not 
absolutely necassary. I only try to stear things that I feel are against 
the principles of the wikimedia foundation asI still believe in the 
initial principles.

I have lost all of my believe in community processes and consensus to 
reach the goals though, I feel we are on a dead-end road with that which 
will collapse somewhere in the short/medium term future .... but that is 
another story alltogether.


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