[Foundation-l] 4th assembly of Wikimedia Serbia

Milos Rancic millosh at gmail.com
Fri Dec 22 13:48:41 UTC 2006

Maybe some of you would be interested in this event...

After two assemblies at December 2005 which was in real life, our
other assemblies are on our wiki (http://rs.vikimedija.org/).

The process is different then in real life gatherings, so we made a
different time line of assemblies. Our present time line is made
because of different dynamics of talking face to face and over wiki.
This time line for sure is not the best, but it is for sure better
then to introduce time line from real life assemblies. And, of course,
if someone has good ideas related to our "network assemblies", we are
open for suggestions.

Our assembly has three phases and each of them has duration of one
week: (1) proposals for assembly agenda (for this assembly: 18th-24th
December); (2) discussion about proposals (25th-31st December); and
(3) voting (1st-7th January).

I have to mention that our Executive board has power just to do
something which Assembly is not able to do because of time. Because of
that on this assembly I put the proposal to have permanent assemblies
divided quarterly (just to have the beginning and the end of assembly)
and our 5th (winter) assembly will be kept between January 15th and
March 15th 2007.

If the proposal related to permanent assemblies passes (I don't see
any reason why not to pass), anyone who want to propose to assembly
something would be able to do so and, in general, one week would be
needed for discussion and voting.

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