[Foundation-l] Automatic username transliteration for SUL

Samuel Klein meta.sj at gmail.com
Thu Dec 21 21:49:11 UTC 2006

Bravo.  I'm all for this idea.  Although again, someone who registers 
under a transliterated ID and later joins TE and wants to have their real 
name as an alias / userpage should optimally be able to do so as well... 
without registering a second time and implementing a redirect.


> What about setting things up so that to create a SUL username with say,
> Tegulu characters, you *must* register at TE, no other language's
> registration form will accept it. That will significantly cut down on vanity
> and vandal usage of the such characters.
> Nick
> Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2006 22:50:33 -0500
> From: Stephanie Erin Daugherty <stephanie at sosdg.org>
> This is especially true when abusive users have deliberately taken advantage
> of this fact in order to make the lives of administrators and of other
> Wikipedians as difficult as possible, and it's also true for those handful
> of users that will mix character sets to "look cool" at the inconvenience of
> others.
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