[Foundation-l] English Wikipedia ethnocentric policy affects other communities

Gianluigi Gamba gigamb at tin.it
Thu Dec 21 17:08:03 UTC 2006

That's the current policy for signatures on it.wiki.
Usernames can be written in any script, users are kindly invited to put
some Latin characters in their signature (because Italian uses Latin
script) in order to make it easy to locate their contributions in a talk
page by using the usual in-page-search functions (besides, we have
several users in love with Japanese culture whose signatures are

Of course it's an invitation, not an obligation, and nobody will ever
get banned on sight for signing their edits with non-Latin scripts.

Months ago, a vandal created fake accounts using the cyrillic letters
looking like the Latin ones, but the trick has been discovered rather

Bye all,
G. (aka Paginazero)

habj ha scritto:
> I understood the suggestion as people should be able to have a
> username with any kind of characters in it on any wiki, but they
> should be asked to add something - not into the actual username, but
> in some field that we currently do not have - in some kind an alphabet
> understandable on the local wiki, or similar, for easier
> identification. It is similar to Brigitte's suggestion of displaying
> the user number, but with something more easy to remember than just a
> number. GerardM's reactions make me wonder if i misunderstood.

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