[Foundation-l] Oversight rights

Dominic dmcdevit at cox.net
Wed Dec 20 22:28:48 UTC 2006

Jon Harald Søby wrote:
> I think that we should use a mailing list for
> such requests, either using the existing oversight-l or stewards-l, or
> creating a new mailing list, for example oversight-requests-l or
> something like that, so that people can send their requests there, to
> be handled by stewards. Does that sound like a good idea?
I think the mailing list as we've used it so far has been a good idea. 
Any potential oversight request should have a list it can be brought to. 
A global mailing list for all oversighters and stewards might be 
convenient in that the stewards could be on it, too, and so it would be 
an easy way to make sure all requests get to someone that can answer 
them. We should probably just subscribe all oversighters and stewards to 
the current oversight-l and update links to it to indicate it's global. 
I don't know if any new oversighters have been made yet, but all the 
current stewards could be subscribed immediately (Essjay is the list admin).

A potential problem is that frequently people sending mail to 
oversight-l don't include links to the revision they're talking about, 
or what's wrong with it, or much of anything at all, and now they will 
probably not tell us what project they are referring to, either. But, 
people will be people, and no amount of instructions will probably 
change that. ;-)


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