[Foundation-l] Oversight rights

Jon Harald Søby jhsoby at gmail.com
Wed Dec 20 10:46:15 UTC 2006

Recently, Tim enabled [[m:Oversight]] on all wikis (earlier it was
only enabled on en: and test:). En en: the situation is "under
control", as the Arbitration Committee handles and decides upon
requests about oversight status. For other wikis, however, there are
no policies on the matter, so we need to make one (since oversight is
about the same level as checkuser). My suggestion is that we should
use the checkuser requirements for oversight as well (e.g. more than
25 votes, 70%-80% support, at least two users meeting these criteria).
What do you think about this?

Also, I think a system should be established for stewards to perform
oversight globallt, much like [[m:RfCU]]. However, since requests for
oversighting will naturally be a lot more sensitive than requests for
checkuser information, I think that we should use a mailing list for
such requests, either using the existing oversight-l or stewards-l, or
creating a new mailing list, for example oversight-requests-l or
something like that, so that people can send their requests there, to
be handled by stewards. Does that sound like a good idea?

Best regards,
Jon Harald Søby

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