[Foundation-l] when uploading pictures to commons ....

Nojhan nojhan at gmail.com
Mon Dec 18 13:40:43 UTC 2006

Le Mon, 18 Dec 2006 18:40:07 +0700, Walter van Kalken a écrit:
> So we are busy becoming very unfriendly very fast for the average 
> enduser. Let alone for our targetaudience which is people who will view 
> this on older machines. There goes our "access to knowledge for 
> everyone" slogan. As these maps again are worth "nothing" when viewed as 
> a thumbnail!

One of the possible solution is to import a PNG version at a higher

But I will strongly discourage you to ask to replace SVG maps
by bitmap ones, only because your computer is slow. SVG gives additonal
informations that are unvaluable.


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