[Foundation-l] when uploading pictures to commons ....

Gregory Maxwell gmaxwell at gmail.com
Mon Dec 18 13:37:56 UTC 2006

On 12/18/06, Walter van Kalken <walter at vankalken.net> wrote:
> It is this file btw:
> http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/78/India_roadway_map.svg
> Waerth

This is somewhat offtopic for foundation-l.

Some versions of firefox have a more buggy SVG renderer than others.
Unfortunately, it seems that the Mozilla folks rushed it out... and as
you've observed, broken SVG support is worse than none.

In any case we don't intentionally make use of the browsers SVG
rendering. The SVG link is not provided so you can view the SVG but
rather so you can save it and edit it. We're not trendsetters at all:
we're using SVGs for our 'source' format, but what we hand readers is
PNGs like almost everyone else.

The ideal way to view an image like this is probably via something
that provides zoom and navigation control like the djvu plugins or an
ajax based segmented image approach like Google maps. Unfortunately
both of these options are not great for accessibility.  So again,
we're not trendsetting on this front either.

You can probably relax about this subject:  The vast majority of users
are using a browser which doesn't try to render SVGs inline.

I suppose if browser based SVG support doesn't improve soon, we can
adjust the mime-type we hand out with these files to something the
browser won't try to render.

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