[Foundation-l] Paypal in site notice

Anthere Anthere9 at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 16 17:19:01 UTC 2006

daniwo59 at aol.com wrote:
> There are many ways to donate to the Foundation, not just Paypal. In fact,  
> Paypal, while the most common, is also the most expensive for us and the most  
> difficult for people in certain countries. 
> We have redesigned the fundraising page to highlight the different ways  
> people can donate. Based on the current site notice, the drive-by donor will  
> never see that. The link to the donor page is completely counter-intuitive. 
> Please remove the Paypal link from the site notice. 
> Danny

I also removed the paypal donation box from the appeal, I thought having 
three different places to call for donations through paypal was a bit 

I like very much the links above the faq page. Very handy.


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