[Foundation-l] Mozart's works released

Pat Gunn pgunn at dachte.org
Thu Dec 14 14:26:28 UTC 2006

In case anybody missed it,
Mozart's complete works were recently published on the
internet by the (Austria-based) International Mozart Foundation.

I'm not sure what license it's under. If it's a free one
(or PD-equivalent), then it's similar in a sense to several
ideas raised in Jimbo's idea drive sometime back.

A thought:
If it is freely licensed, to what extent should the foundation
consider republishing its content on WMF projects? Should WM
avoid possibly stepping on the toes of other projects, avoiding
duplicating any free conttent they make, or should it try to
collect everything (and possibly give prominent credit) that falls
under its mission? The general question may apply to other groups
like Project Gutenberg's works.

Pat Gunn
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