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rfrangi at libero.it rfrangi at libero.it
Wed Dec 6 17:05:55 UTC 2006

> Michael Snow wrote:
> Traditional list etiquette encourages that approach, yes, although 
> really I think the odds have more to do with how the message is crafted 
> than with whether it is delivered publicly or privately. Here it was a 
> difficult balancing act. It is evident that at least some people do not 
> see much of a problem, perhaps not surprising since bias and 
> discrimination often operate in subtle and systemic ways. As a result, 
> it is sometimes necessary to publicly call out examples.
> However, Snowdog is a valuable part of the community and has a good 
> reputation, so I wasn't happy to be so critical. I did try to "play the 
> ball, not the man" (sexist idiom, but the right gender in this case) by 
> focusing on the comment itself and what was offensive about it. I am 
> thankful that he continues to participate, with good grace and in a 
> constructive fashion. A "botched joke" may cost John Kerry the chance to 
> run for President again, but it shouldn't cost anyone the chance to post 
> again to this list.
> --Michael Snow

Well, it was clear to me, from the beginning, that the issue of the thread was gender bias and sexist remarks. So basically my "sexist joke" was a field test (I'm not so stupid to make such comments in a place where those comments are in discussion).

Working primarily on the italian Wikipedia, and since this issue has started on en.wiki (on which I do not follow the ongoing discussions), I wanted to realize quickly, and maybe brutally, how this kind of things are felt. So thanks Michael for your public reply, and you all forgive me if I used you as Guinea-pigs.

Roberto (Snowdog)

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