[Foundation-l] [Wikichix-l] Moderating an open list

cohesion cohesion at sleepyhead.org
Tue Dec 5 18:34:52 UTC 2006

On 12/5/06, Puppy <puppy at killerchihuahua.com> wrote:

> I concur. I also respect that some women feel that having a "safe place"
> to discuss issues would be helpful to them. There has been much ridicule
> on this list, and the en list, concerning the hostile atmosphere towards
> women, which would seem to underscore their concerns. Why bring up an
> issue when a large number of men will respond "There's no problem!
> You're just too sensitive!" and dismiss their concerns?

I don't think you would have nearly the negative reaction if you
started a WikipediaWomen-l that was open, and had the stated mission
that it was to discuss solutions to gender bias on wikipedia. Not to
discuss whether there *was* gender bias, but solutions. If people
wanted to flame on about how no one feels excluded based on gender,
moderate them, it's obviously untrue anyway.

We are discussing two things it seems like. A list about gender bias,
and a closed list. I don't think that many people are opposed to a
list about gender bias, some are of course, but a small minority. Many
people are concerned about a closed group.

I would rather this be on wikimedia servers if it is open, this is a
real issue, and I for one would like to learn more about it.


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