[Foundation-l] [Wikichix-l] Moderating an open list

Puppy puppy at KillerChihuahua.com
Tue Dec 5 13:18:26 UTC 2006

Gatto Nero wrote:
> 2006/12/5, Puppy <puppy at killerchihuahua.com>:
>> You are truly clueless if you think what I'm calling "trolling" is a
>> difference of opinion.
> That's what I liked to know: what is that you define "trolling"?
> Because you linked my first intervention in this issue, when I was
> just expressing some doubts about the utility this kind of ML could
> have for fighting gender bias.
> It could be interesting to know *how* you have read my intervention,
> what you have read in it.
I read the following:
 >Oh. My. God. Which will be the next one? WikiNigger? WikiFaggot?
as ridiculing the idea, comparing a list for women (not WikiBitches, not 
WikiWhores, not WikiCunts, not some derogatory term) with your 
intentionally offensive terms for blacks and gays. This has the result 
of implying that women who perceive the need for this list are "less 
than" - as calling a black person a "nigger" implies he or she is "less 
than" and so underlines the bias and bigotry. This is trolling. The "Oh. 
My. God." is clearly expressing contempt for the idea. This is trolling. 
A clearly reasoned statement, such as Bryan Tong Minh's post:
 >The fact that there is a slight male bias on the projects is caused by 
the fact that there are simply more male contributers. I think however 
that the problem will not be solved by introducing a new list that is 
more womenfriendly. If there are problems, segregration will only 
enlarge the effect. If there are any problems that people feel 
discriminated on a list, the solution is to remove the discrimination, 
not the discriminated persons! If women are equal to men, which I think 
they are, they should go into discussion rather then flee it. If men are 
equal to women, which I think most of us are, then we should accept that 
discussion, and make the projects a nice place for everybody.
is a disagreement without being trolling. Do you see the difference? Or 
am I being unclear?


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