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 From others, one of who "hopes we'll look back on this and not believe 
how bad it was"
No need for women-only channels? The problem may be worse than you 

Below are some of the responses to the announcement of wikichix's founding.

wikiEN-l], December 2006:

''Such a list seems to encourage a sense of difference where there isn't 

''I wasn't even aware such bias existed apart from the occasional help 
or refdesk request addressed as "Dear Sirs". Can you give any examples 
of sexism or bias on WP or the mailing list?'' 

''This statement implicitly assumes that there _is_ sexism, 
discrimination and bias present in the Wikipedia community. That's 
begging the question. I've never seen it, and considering it's a rare 
thing when  I actually know what the gender of another editor is I have 
trouble figuring out how it would even be practical.'' 

''I don't like this idea at all. It's the first case of sexism I've seen 
on Wikipedia. Discriminating against men is not a solution to 
discrimination against women (which as far as I can tell, doesn't exist 

foundation-l], December 2006:

''I don't understand the problem...
''If female editors has problems to participate in discussion I think 
that this is a general problem which sould be solved in another way.
''I could agree with you if female editors are slower than male 
contributors to write and they need a dedicated list for this reason!'' 

''Since women have the ability to contribute here the same as men, I 
really don't see why this is needed. Surely the scepticism being shown 
to this idea from many men is proof positive of the fact that no-one is 
being opressed. How ironic to have women in this day and age proposing 
their own seperate mailing list from men, since so many feminists fought 
so hard for gender equality. This looks to me like a step backward.'' 

''Seperate but equal doesn't wash any more, get with the new millennium. 
If people have things to say, they can say them here. And I can't for 
the life of me imagine how anyone who feels "intimidated" on a Wikimedia 
mailing list survives day-to-day life of interaction with real live 
human beings. Some people are too sensitive, methinks.'' 

''But seriously, I would like to understand if opening such a list  will 
entitle other groups (based on  gender, race, political or religious 
belief, and alikes) who feel Wikipedia has a bias "against" them to ask 
WMF to open a dedicated list.'' 

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> If you're used to label as troll everyone who has an opinion different
> than yours, then it's useless to continue this discussion.
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