[Foundation-l] [Juriwiki-l] Commons reuse FAQ updated

florencedevouard anthere at anthere.org
Mon Dec 4 00:58:46 UTC 2006

Wikimedia Foundation Logos
The Wikimedia Foundation logo and logos for particular projects (such as 
Wikipedia and Commons) are trademarks of and copyrighted by the 
Wikimedia Foundation. They are not generally available for other uses, 
though reuse in press or media about Wikimedia projects is explicitly 
permitted. Local "fair use" or "fair dealing" laws (e.g. for academic or 
critical purposes) may also apply in your jurisdiction.

I'll be careful about that.
In particular, not all logos are trademarked by the Foundation. Maybe a 
twist could be made to the text to make a reference to trademarks, 
whilst not claiming all are tms ?


I otherwise moved text around in what seemed to me more clear. I hope it 
is fine. Please change it back or discuss it if you do not agree.


PS: ey, good job David. I guess we are very near having a good page, to 
be translated, for content reuse.

David Gerard wrote:

>  http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:Reusing_content_outside_Wikimedia
>I've tweaked this and filled it out a bit. It's hard writing about
>legal issues in very simple grammar; I'd like juriwiki-l in particular
>to look over this and check that I haven't oversimplified,
>particularly in the "how to comply with this licence" sections.
>The only section that hasn't been written yet is content under
>GPL/LGPL - anyone think they can write two simple sentences on how to
>comply with this licence?
>It should probably also be merged with the similar page on meta.
>- d.
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