[Foundation-l] Vandalism and small wikis

Darko Bulatovic mail at itam.ws
Sat Dec 2 05:42:08 UTC 2006

Ray Saintonge wrote:
> If you really want to do things for the Montenegrin language you could 
> do better than argue in favour of the correlation  between nation and 
> language.  Begin by giving references to existing Montenegrin dictionary 
> and grammar books, showing Montenegrin words in Wiktionary and how they 
> differ from other Serbo-Croatian languages, show us the important 
> differences in Montenegrin grammar, or.add important out-of-copyright 
> books by Montenegrin authors to Wikisource.
> Ec
But I didnt make this point, people from here made that point. I have 
just tied to say that it is not the point.
You want reference:

- Try to read work of Petar Petrovic Njegosh II. You will find on other 
part of the book dictionary for people which talk Serbian language. As 
they don't understand much of it.
- All state letters and philosophic, poems, etc that come from 
Montenegro in past of 100+ years contains such specific. Modern one also 
has same specific that use Montenegrin language.

In current draft of state constitution is stated that official language 
of Montenegro is Montenegrin, also there are some Books from mr. 
Nikcevic that have this topic, but I cant find reference on Internet 
that will show this.

Darko Bulatovic

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