[Foundation-l] Cherokee FundCORE translation update

Jeffrey V. Merkey jmerkey at wolfmountaingroup.com
Fri Dec 22 05:28:28 UTC 2006

David Strauss wrote:

>I examined the .pot files for the Drupal translation, and they're 
>unfortunately in the wrong format. The msgid must contain the original 
>text, and the msgstr must contain the translation.
>msgid "I have %number."
>msgstr "Ich habe %number."
>Also, the ".pot" extension is for translation templates, where the 
>msgstrs are all empty. The ".po" extension is for translations. This 
>second problem is trivial to fix.
I can fix this tonight and get them back up almost immediately. It will 
take a few hours.

>I can fix the files with some script to reprocess the translations into 
>the correct format, but it will take another day or two considering 
>other things I need to complete before heading to Canada for the holidays.
>Of course, we're still very grateful for the translation work. I look 
>forward to offering Cherokee as a language option on FundCORE.

I did translate the entire Drupal message system. I will have the files 
later this evening. I'll let you convert them from
.pot (what a name!) to *.po with an "mv".



>P.S. Normally I'd reply to preserve threading, but I just subscribed to 
>foundation-l to keep up with this issue.
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